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The Incredible BC Stack

What is The Incredible “BC Stack”? How does it help Bloggers, Business Owners and Marketers to run successful online businesses?

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The BC Stack - 65 Digital Products to help Bloggers, Business Owners and Marketers run successful online Businesses!
The BC Stack – 65 Digital Products to help Bloggers, Business Owners and Marketers run successful online Businesses!

This is what Bloggers and Business Owners wait for every year. It’s a giant Goody Bag or Christmas in Summer for everyone who already knows about the “Blogging Concentrated Stack”.

The Incredible BC Stack went live in 2015 and is a bundle of currently 65 different products from experts around the globe to help you run a successful online business.

Every year since, the creators of BC Stack, Dan and Rachel, collaborate with new and existing experts in their fields to put a new stack together. This means no stack is ever the same.

It’s an incredible resource library that ranges from various guides, videos, webinars, online courses, personal coaching, writing and publishing books and more.

You have access to the courses for life and updates to the materials are free after activation.

Usually, you have 60 days to activate/ sign up or save each product with the stack code that you get after purchase. I recommend bookmarking each resource after activation so you can find and work through it faster.

My Blog Folder in Bookmark Toolbar
I have created a new Blog folder in the bookmark toolbar to save everything to do with blogging.

Also, save all the dates for the webinars and coaching to your calendar for all the topics that are important to you.

Check back in on the Blogging Concentrated website. Sometimes there are technical errors or changes to the schedule for the webinars. You don’t always get notifications about those changes by email but they update it on the product selection page.

The whole package for $39/ £32??? Ermm – Yippee 🙂

The BC Stack 2019 was priced at $39 or £32 for me in the UK. That’s 65 resources for £32 worth nearly £5000 if purchased independently.

Each product is worth at least $39/ £32, so even if you only use one you get your money’s worth. I recommend activating as many as possible. Even if you are not ready to use specific resources, yet. You don’t know where your journey will take you further down the year.

The written content like guides and courses get updated to stay current with the times. This does not cost you extra.

Many of the experts have Facebook Groups that connect you with likeminded people. Available groups are introduced to you during activation of your chosen products.

Only $39/ £32 to buy BC Stack? Why would they?

Dan and Rachel have a thing about Learning and have pulled out all the stops since starting BC Stack. They want to help others to get access to the help and resources they need to succeed.

The point of BC Stack is to introduce you to the experts and vice versa. Instead of you hunting around trying to find genuine people and products to help you, Dan and Rachel do that for you. They use their past experience and knowledge and only ask trusted and proven Experts to be part of the program. This saves you time and a ton of money.

When is the BC Stack available?

Unfortunately, the BC Stack 2019 has come and gone. To be able to keep offering the Stack at such a great price it’s only available for 5 days a year, usually between June and August. It’s a one time offer from all the collaborators. So keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Pre-order BC Stack 2020 now!

But here is the kicker: You can pre-order BC Stack 2020 already. So there is no way you’ll miss it when it’s released in 2020.

What are you waiting for?

Check out all the Information on the Blogging Concentrated Website and become a BC Stacker now!

BC Stack Affiliate Program

Have you purchased BC Stack and love it? You can Become an Affiliate to promote upcoming Stacks! The more people that know about this great Learning Opportunity, the better.

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