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For 5 days only: Get the Incredible Podcaster’s Kit

Thinking of doing Podcasts but don’t really know where to start? Or tried Podcasting without knowing the in’s and outs? It didn’t go too well?

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Then the Podcaster’s Kit is for you!

Podcasting has become an important part of many online businesses. But there are a lot of things to think about and implement to make this part of your business really successful.

Get the Podcasters Kit 7th to 11th October 2019.

That’s why for 5 days only – 7th to 11th of October – the Podcasters Kit goes on Sale!

Learn the art of Podcasting from 50 Top Podcasting Professionals Around The World.

This kit will give you all the Training Materials you need to start, grow & improve your podcasting skills.

The event is run by Dan R Morris and Rachel Marie Martin, who search the globe to find the best of the best in Podcasting and put together this incredible Kit.

They do this every year to save you the hassle to try and find the best & most relevant information yourself.

Podcaster’s Kit 2019

This gives you as a new or intermediate podcaster all the resources you need to start on the right foot and learn from the best 50 vetted and approved podcasters out there.

2019 Podcaster's Kit - Learn from the Best Podcasting Professionals this year!

These podcasting experts have been where you are and will teach you how to market and monetize your own podcasts, saving you tons of time trying to figure everything out and adding another income stream to your business.

This Podcaster’s Kit comes with full courses, software, live online trainings and books that usually sell for more than $4.835/ around £3.900.

The Kit covers a wide range of topics only teaching you methods that have made a big impact on the expert’s businesses, either in generating revenue, growing their audiences or loyal listeners. No fluff and puff included.

You may think you have seen these methods before but it’s in the details of how they are executed and the experts will walk you through it step by step in their courses.

So if you want to start podcasting and grow your own audience and make an income, using the internet …

Then this Podcaster’s Kit is all you need. It’s filled with strategies, shortcuts, tools and insights to make your podcasting dreams happen!

Who are the Podcaster’s Kit Experts and can I get a preview of the courses?

To get more info, read a bit more about the experts and to see a list of the 56 products, courses and trainings that are included in the Podcaster’s Kit click the link below!

The Podcaster’s Kit

Just a few of the Podcaster’s Kit Professionals you will be learning from!

Here are 6 of the 50 Podcasting Professional and their Products

Get "Postcast Design Plan" in the Podcaster's KitGet the "Start a Podcast 1 Day Bootcamp" in the Podcaster's KitGet Access to 4 years of "MapCon Sessions" in the Podcaster's Kit
Get the "Podcaster's Legal Guide" in the Podcaster's KitThe the "All in One Podcast Kickstart Kit" in the Podcaster's KitGet the "Podcast with NLP for High Audience Growth" in the Podcaster's Kit
$4,835 worth of Podcasting Courses, Live Online Trainings, Books and Softwares for just $39!

How much is the Podcaster’s Kit?

The Podcaster’s Kit is worth $4800. But you can get your hands on it for only $39/ around £34. That’s a No Brainer!

If you’d go through only one of the materials in this kit and implement what you learn, you will get on further than trying to piece everything together. Every creator wants to make money from their products, so they’ll never reveal all the info for free! But buying all this separately will cost you a fortune!

Basically, get the info upfront and go through it at your own pace. You’ll have 60 days after purchase to download the ebooks, sign up to the live events, get access to the member areas etc. Anything you have not accessed during the 60 days will become unavailable. Everything you have accessed will be there for life. Updates to the materials included.

Getting The Podcaster’s Kit will be the best $39 you’ll spend all year on your podcasting education! You won’t find this much information in one place anywhere else – not for such a tiny investment.

But you have to be quick. Once doors open on the 7th of October, The Podcaster’s Kit will only be available for another 5 days. Then it will be gone forever. Dan & Rachel do not accept excuses of why you couldn’t take the offer after it expires. It will be gone!

This 5 day window is how long Dan & Rachel can justify offering this Kit to you at $39.

15,000 people have already signed up to be notified to get this offer, so…

Without this roadmap of exactly what steps to take, what tools to use, and how it all goes together, you will really be flying blind.

85 / 100

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