This page serves as my Disclosure for BankyGardener.co.uk, it’s Shop, E-Mail, 2 Online Course Sites (Names to be added at Launch) that I am working on, where my Affiliate Links will appear.

Each post will have a notice at the top with a link to this page. This Disclosure is valid, even if I have not put separate notices in some of my posts. But if I have missed notices on a post, please get in touch by email through my Contact Me page. Thanks.

All of my posts have some form of external links in them that lead my readers to other websites that I don’t own nor have any influence over.

These sites contain products, services or information that I have used and found helpful. Under no circumstances are my readers obligated to purchase anything I recommend! I am simply making you aware that they exsist with examples of how I used them.

Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Links are what will make me money if someone clicks on them and makes a purchase. I will then get a commission off the sales price. At no extra cost to my readers.

These linked products are not sold by me. They are products sold, for example, on Amazon and are sold and shipped by the merchant on Amazon or other websites I am affiliated with.

I am an affiliate of:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • email service providers like
  • Done for You Content creators and more.

I usually endorse products I have tried and tested myself or that are very similar to another and I think will benefit my readers. Those include the various oils I use to make beauty treatments and some other ingredients. In those instances where I haven’t tried a product myself, I will state that in the relevant posts.

Please use your own discretion when purchasing the products I endorse. I will not be held liable if something doesn’t work for you. What works for me may not work for others. It’s also your responsibility to check the products are suitable regarding allergies and intolerances. Many ingredients can be switched out to customize a treatment and I usually make suggestions for those.

You may have a different experience with a merchant than I had. Times change and they may have done something with the product that changed the quality. If that’s the case I’d like to hear from you. That’s what the comment section is for. But please, don’t rant or otherwise abuse the comment box. It won’t help my other readers. I can include your experiences in my posts to make others aware that there may have been a change in quality.

Sponsored Posts Disclosure

Sponsored Posts are posts I have been paid to write.

If a post has been sponsored, there will be a notification at the top of the page. Products described in Sponsored Posts are something I endorse and believe in. They preferably fit my blog and provide value to my readers.

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